Love Thy Neighbor Got Me Torture

This was another piece that was the culmination of the public push that included facebook, emails, and more official reports to the FBI and police.

The first portion is the original piece, the rest is later discussion on the topic.

I've been looking back on how this all began.

A while after moving in here at Lansing, I got talking to my next door neighbor.

He lives about 30 feet away.

He called me over to the fence, and asked if he could come to my place to discuss a problem he was having.

I invited him in.

He told me a long running story about going to prison for what he called "problems with women bosses".

He told me he had anger issues, and was struggling with a crack and prostitution addiction.

He said that he had begun to hear angry shouting and was wondering if I had been hearing it.

I told him I had not, and said if he were to stop doing drugs maybe the issues would stop.

I hugged him before he left.

It was a few days later that my issues started.

The problem is.... it is for all of his problems.

He had many times asked about Sarah and Colette coming over; asking if it were a sexual relationship.

I told him to stop asking me questions like that, that they were not "into that".

He replied: "I could fix that"

I am seemly daily tortured for my neighbors problems.

There is constant reference to "your record" and the other problems mentioned above.

I, of course, have no criminal record and none of these problems.

Yet still, I have been dealing with this 2 years + now.

I had NO problems.

Something was looking for problems; when it found none, it found the next closest source.

Love thy neighbor got me brain torture.

Print it on a tee-shirt for me :)

I have since confirmed that this is still happening to him 30 feet away right next door, to this day. He would be within range of common signals; he would sleep within my WIFI. It is not physical torture for him, as it is his own brainwaves (most likely). They have no way of understanding anything from me due to a wrong 'image' or 'map'.

Due to the previous info I released, I was set up to "look for problems". Somehow a massive logical/tech/programming error led to a complete accidental instance of whatever is happening to my neighbor next door, happened to me, but far far worse.

My entire head swells, explaining the physical symptoms with breathing and heart-rate, I had previously disclosed. This would explain the loss of balance and inner ear / head pain. I have to remember to breath manually throughout the day.

In summery, there will never be anyway to correctly read that none of the 'issues' I am tortured for not only do not exist, but never did in the first place. The repetitive topics are factually incorrect.... all of them.