The Key

This is the most recent piece that details the way in which this was mapped to active conscious logic.

The key and other details explain how this is 24/7 verbal mental and physical torture, all from the irrelevancies of logic.

The problem remains ongoing, but improving in regards to my understanding of it, leading to mostly negating it; or at least not bothering me as much.  I have spoken with my neighbor a few more times. He has been, and still is, experiencing the intended effect of what was miss-mapped within me. After the general examples provided in the last email/post I have devised a better key to explain the emotional/logical miss-mapping.


The Key:
Love = Lust
All organic life (humans, animals, plants)  = sexual object
All activity; verbs / actions (programming, working, games) = sexual conquest / activity
All consumption (food, drinks, cigarettes, etc) = narcotics / addiction


Essentially, this is probably a seemly common effort on those that would have these strong “negative” brain impulses.  Based on the events I provided from my life over the last 3 years (the google doc), I was set up with whatever monitors for what would be considered “less beneficial” mental impulses.  This is covered in that document as the 3 different times of insertions and/or modifications.

At the point of “Love Thy Neighbor Got Me Brain Torture”, the act of logically attempting to problem solve something I had not myself encountered from a place of love, caring, and concern for my neighbor caused it to all go haywire.  Even the hug or the close continued proximity could be a factor. I imagine key words may have been an issue, as all these things would have been spoken aloud in my home. I would have been attempting to logically visualize the described problems as well, to logically suggest solutions.

I have always been able to remember any words or interactions with others, experiences, and facts.  This has allowed, despite the constant distractions, for me to piece together the majority of this ongoing misunderstanding.  Based on years of observing the misconceptions I know that all the thoughts and emotional responses on the left side of the key are misconstrued as the right side of the key.

Due to the fact that logic is our consciousness, this would be active the whole time I am awake.  There is no limit to what is considered and repeated as identified as those “negative” impulses. Speaking with my neighbor, I realized he only has the issues I experience constantly verbally, when actually applicable to those categories.  I imagine in someone like him, this would attempt to either reduce those thought inpules, or convince them that the “negative” impulses were tied to the auditory torture being an instance of mental illness.

Since logic pathways would be constantly used, this would explain why even vague thoughts, observations, and memories would be repeated to me the whole time I am awake.  This would include thinking about song lyrics in my head, reading road signs, identifying anything I’m observing visually. There would also be no way to determine visual input vs. memory in someone like myself.  This happens anytime I think of a memory of a person, place, or thing.

The fact remains, without access to the knowledge this has been miss-mapped to logic and love, everything will continue to be misread.  This will only support and further the misconceptions that these are negative brain impulses. As logic is always active, far more vague, and used for all our conscious perceptions; the only way this would be determined would be to realize that a person would literally not be able to maintain themselves if these “negative” impulses were to be so prominent.

There would be no way for a person to ever NOT use these logical pathways, and no way to explain that they were not the pathways that were intended to be a source of torture.